Student Handbook

Student Handbook 2018-19


220 Wildcat Way

Brownsville, KY 42210

(270) 597-2151

Tommy Hodges, Principal

Patricia Sharp, Assistant Principal

Michael Meredith, Counselor         

Corentha Skaggs Cole, Counselor

The Edmonson County School District insures equal employment/educational opportunities/affirmative action, regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, or sex in compliance with Title IX or disability in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (EDGAR 76.500).

——————–Home of the Wildcats———————

NOTE:  The Student Handbook is available online at the following link: The handbook will no longer be available in print after the 2015-16 school year.

Telephone Directory

Main Office                                             597-2151

Library                                                     597-8926

Field House                                              597-2680

Fax Machine                                            597-2962

Youth Service Center                              597-3878

Edmonson County Board of Education   597-2101


Welcome to the home of the Wildcats – where spirit, pride, and tradition are the words of a school in which the entire community takes pride.

This handbook has been prepared to help you get acquainted with the Wildcat tradition.  We also hope you will get acquainted with facilities, rules, schedules, teams, and organizations and that you will make an effort to know your teachers and make new friends.

By taking part in all that Edmonson County High School has to offer, you are helping to preserve the tradition and spirit of ECHS.  Your high school years, in return, will be meaningful ones.


ECHS is a Peanut/Tree Nut Free Zone.  No peanuts, peanut products, or products containing traces of peanuts or tree nuts may be brought to school for any reason.


The school accepts only those adult visitors who have legitimate business at school.  Former students returning to socialize are not allowed.  Visitors are expected to leave promptly when their business is completed.  Guests, or visitors of students, including little brothers or sisters and students’ children, are not allowed at school.  All visitors must check in at the main office in order to receive a visitor’s pass.


If a student finds it necessary to leave class or is acting on behalf of a teacher, he/she must obtain a pass from the teacher indicating permission to be out of class.   ALL students in halls during instructional time should have a pass.  This is the responsibility of the TEACHER and the STUDENT.  Students should only ask to leave the classroom in emergency cases.

In passing between classes, students are asked to keep to the right of the hallway as much as possible.  This will allow for a quicker flow of hallway traffic.

Students are expected to be quiet and orderly when using the hallways.  Running, horseplay, blocking the hallway, and other forms of disorder are dangerous and will not be tolerated.

As in all instances at school, students are subject to the authority of all teachers while in the halls, on the premises, and at extra-curricular school events.

TARDY POLICY (tardy to class)

Promptness to class is very important.  Students are to be in their seats and ready to begin work when the bell sounds to begin a class period.  Tardiness by a student constitutes disruptive behavior and delays the beginning of instruction for that class.  The teacher will confer with the student after class concerning tardiness. Teachers will take attendance every class period throughout the school day and keep a record in their daily record book of tardies as well as absences.

  “Students will be excused for tardies only if they have a note stating that he/she has been detained by a staff member.  If a student has unexcused tardies in his/her class during a given semester, he/she will be disciplined in the following manner:

(1-3) unexcused tardies to class-student is admitted with a note from another teacher or the office, and participates in class, teacher confers with student after class about tardiness.

(4) unexcused tardies to class-student is sent to administration for verbal reprimand.

(5-6) unexcused tardies to class-student is assigned 1 day of AE per event.  

(7-9) unexcused tardies to class-student is assigned 2 days of AE per event.

(10) unexcused tardies to class-student is assigned 3 days AE.

(11 or more) unexcused tardies to class-student may be assigned 5 days AE, possible ALC or school suspension per school administration.”          Revised 6/29/2018

TARDY POLICY (tardy to school)  Revised 6/29/18

The importance in being prompt to school carries over into other portions of one’s life.  Punctuality is a positive trait for everyone. Students are allowed three (3) parental tardy notes per semester, as well as justifiable circumstances as outlined in the school’s attendance policy.  

Students that enter the school building after 7:48 A.M. must enter the school building through the main office.  Students that are tardy to school, whether this be an excused or unexcused tardy, must gain access to an admit slip before exiting the office area. According to state law, six (6) unexcused tardies to school is considered habitually truant and against the law. Based on KRS 159.160,  students and/or parents may be summoned to court per district director of pupil personnel and/or participate in truancy diversion programs.


  1. All students should be clean and neat in their dress and personal appearance.
  1. Any clothing or lack of clothing that is considered indecent and/or distracting, as determined by school administration, will not be allowed.
  1. Students must wear shoes.
  2. No clothing or accessories shall be worn with pictures or writing which is considered to be in bad taste, indecent, vulgar, offensive, distracting (including certain apparel from Hooter’s, Joe’s Crab Shack, etc.), or that promotes the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or any illegal substance.
  3. No see-through clothing and no bare midriffs/rib cages/backs are allowed.
  4. Hats, caps, head coverings, or sunglasses should not be worn in the building while school is in session.
  5. Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be no more than six (6) inches from the knee while standing.
  6.  All clothing must not have any holes or rips where bare skin can be seen in the core area or allows the viewing of undergarments.  Do NOT have holes or rips that are excessive in size or inappropriately revealing. No holes in inappropriate areas. Revised 6/29/18
  7. Leggings may be worn, but the top garment must cover the “core” areas when wearing leggings.  Pajama pants and yoga pants are prohibited.  Revised 6/29/18
  8. All tops (shirts, blouses, dresses, etc.) must measure no less than three inches at the narrowest point across the shoulders.  No shirts with ripped out, cut out, or torn out sleeves will be allowed.
  9. Tops (shirts, blouses, dresses, etc.) cannot dip below a line formed between the right and left armpit.  There is to be no visible cleavage.
  10. Clothing or accessories are prohibited that are commonly understood to convey hatred, contempt, prejudice, or have the effect of insulting or stigmatizing another individual (i.e., Confederate flag, etc.)
  11. Chains that are attached to purses or wallets or worn as belts are prohibited.  Dog collars or large chains worn as necklaces or bracelets are also prohibited.
  12. Loose, baggy clothing or clothing with large pockets deemed inappropriate or unsafe is not allowed.
  13. Facial piercings containing loops, spikes, and bars or any other facial piercings that can be deemed a safety risk are prohibited.
  14. The second violation of the dress code will result in a one-day assignment to A.E.  Students need to be aware that dress code is in effect when entering the building until exiting the building in the afternoon.  Dress code applies to students that, for any reason, are exiting the gym and shop areas as well.


Parent – teacher conferences are available and encouraged at any time by appointment and approval of the school administration.


Office phones are for office use only.  However, students are permitted to use office phones with principal approval.  A student must have written permission to use this phone at any time during the school day (except break).

A student will not be called to the phone during the school day except in extreme emergency involving the immediate family.  Otherwise, a message will be taken and relayed to the student at a convenient time.

ELECTRONIC DEVICES (Cell phones, Ipods, etc.)

Students are allowed to use their electronic devices (cell phones, MP3 players, etc.) prior to school starting in the mornings until the bell (at 7:48 a.m.).  Students are also allowed to use their electronic devices during passing time (as classes are changing) and in the lunchroom during their lunch period.  Students are allowed to use their electronic devices during reward times.  This does not include assemblies where important school information is being shared with students.

Electronic devices are permitted to be carried, but must be turned off and out of sight during the remainder of school hours.  Student use of electronic devices during instructional time is prohibited, unless prior approval is given by administration.  Teachers should not allow students to come to the office to gain permission to use their personal cell phones, and students should not ask, except in the case of an emergency.

For a student’s first violation of this policy, the student’s electronic device will be turned in to the main office (until 2:35 p.m.).  For a second violation of this policy, the device will be turned in to the office and will be kept until a parent can pick it up from school.  Student is also assigned to three (3) days of A.E. for a second violation.


Video recording of students and adults in the building, on school grounds, or during a school activity is prohibited without prior permission from the individuals being taped, with the exception being photography/taping for school activities such as yearbook, clubs, sports, etc.  Students should be aware that (video) recording of minors without parental permission is a violation of school policy.

Any violation of this school policy may result in consequences of a verbal warning up to or including an assignment to A.E.

Any student who records other students or adults on school premises without prior written consent will be subject to school discipline.

Revised on September 6, 2016



Students are expected to notify teachers of proposed trips as soon as possible so that as much class work as possible can be completed before a student leaves.  Students are to make up all work missed either before the trip is taken or the day the student returns to class.

Students that are truant (as defined by law) or failing a class will be subject to being denied permission to attend any field trips by school administration.  Six (out of seven) current teachers must give the student permission to attend the field trip based upon his/her academic work, behavior, and attendance.  Completed field trip permission forms must be turned in at least 24 hours (one school day) in advance of the trip.


  1. Students must park their automobiles in the student parking lot and enter the building at designated entrances. The side parking lot is for teachers.  The purchase of a parking permit is mandatory if a student wishes to park his/her vehicle on the school’s campus.  Students should park only in the spaces designated for them by their permits unless directed otherwise by school administration or law enforcement officers.
  2. Students are subject to all laws concerning the proper use of their vehicles.  Reckless driving is not permitted.
  1. The speed limit on the school premises is 15 m.p.h.
  2. Upon arriving at school, students must park only in the student parking lot and must immediately leave their vehicles and enter the building.
  1. Once a student drives his/her vehicle on the school property after 7:30 A.M. on a school day, they are considered at school and must not leave without permission.  Likewise, they should not return to their vehicles without permission.  After checking out, a student must leave school grounds immediately.
  1. Students driving to school must depart on the assigned bell at the end of the school day.  They must exit in their automobiles by driving to the designated exit gate.  All vehicles driven by students must yield to buses at all times.
  1. A student’s car may be searched by school administration if there is reasonable suspicion to believe that the automobile contains material forbidden by school rules.  Any items confiscated will be reported to the proper authorities.
  1. Driving an automobile (or motorcycle) to school is a privilege, not a right, to the student.  Violation of any student driving policy is grounds for suspension of (or removal of) this privilege.
  1. Students who blatantly refuse to purchase a parking permit will be issued a ticket from the School Resource Officer. A maximum of one (1) warning will be given in this instance.


Our counselors help students with academic problems, personal problems, and inform on selection of courses of study for each year, the selection of college, technical school, other post-secondary plans, and interpreting test results.

The guidance office is open from 7:30 A.M. to 2:35 P.M.  Students are welcome to browse and check out guidance materials and speak with counselors; however, all visits must be business-related. Guidance area is NOT a place to hang out or avoid classes.


The ECHS library is the central depository for all types of print and non-print materials.

Library hours are 7:30 A.M. to 2:35 P.M.  The library is closed during the first lunch period.

Students enter the library during school hours by means of a signed permit from subject area teachers.  Students are required to sign in and out at the circulation desk.  Books are signed out for two weeks and are renewable.  Periodicals may be checked out overnight.  For lost/damaged items, the student is charged with the replacement cost.


Two lunch line choices exist for students each day.  Each choice of lunch will be priced the same, but extra items may also be purchased.

Those students who bring their lunches may also use the cafeteria facilities.  The following rules are expected to be observed in the cafeteria:

  1. Walk – do not run.
  2. There are no reserved seats. If you wish to sit with friends, then enter with them.
  3. Refuse (your trash) must be placed in waste cans. Keep the floor and tables tidy and clean.
  4. No students are to “cut” into lines.
  5. Sit in chairs and place them next to the table when they are not in use. Do not sit on tables.
  6. Students will be allowed to go to the restroom on the way to the lunchroom. This will allow students the opportunity to use the restroom and to wash their hands before eating.  The class may then move to the lunchroom and, during the time allocated for eating, students are to remain in the lunchroom.  They are not allowed to go to the restroom until the last five minutes of lunch unless they have permission from the teacher.
  7. Students that check out will not be permitted to bring food back into the building.
  8. Students may not leave the lunchroom without permission!



On various occasions we will have substitute teachers.  Students are expected to be on their very best behavior and cooperate with the substitute teacher.  Any student referred to the office by a substitute teacher will receive severe consequences as punishment.


The minimum credits for class status are:

Sophomore –                4

Junior –                        11

Senior –                        16



Students who arrive to school after classes begin shall be required to check in at the main office and obtain an admit slip to class.  Tardy students must meet with school administration before going to class.  Check-ins and check-outs should be for justifiable reasons and should be kept to a minimum in order to avoid an excessive number of tardies.  Students will not be released from school before the end of the day on a regular routine basis.

Students that desire to check out of school for any reason must be picked up by their parents, guardian, or a person designated by parent or guardian on a file maintained in the office.  Students that drive or ride with someone else to school and wish to check out must provide a parent or guardian note to the office upon arrival at school.  This note may be verified by a phone call to the parent or guardian.  Call-in check-outs will not be permitted.

Notes to check out of school must be submitted to office personnel by 7:48 a.m. or upon arrival to school.  Notes must contain:  Student’s full name, parent signature and contact number, parent’s printed name, and reason for checking out.  Notes submitted after 7:48 a.m. may not be honored.

Checking out should be arranged for students to check out during the breaks between classes to avoid interruption of instruction.  Medical and dental appointments of routine nature must be made after school hours or on Saturdays.

Checking out will not be excused for job interviews, work, banking, grocery or other shopping, taking pictures, family errands, haircuts/hair appointments, going to eat or get food, etc.

School staff may not check students out without administrative approval.


Students must have written permission to leave any room during the school day.  These passes can be and should be checked by any personnel of the school when the student is away from the room.  If this privilege is abused, just action shall be taken.

No student shall be permitted to leave the building or go out into the parking lot without the permission of the Principal or Assistant Principal.  The student must present good cause then before they may be permitted to go out into the parking lot or outside the building.


Upon arrival to the school campus in the morning, students are not to leave the campus without first securing permission to do so from the Principal or Assistant Principal.  Boarding a school bus constitutes being at school. Leaving the school bus without permission of school officials is considered leaving school grounds without permission.  Driving an automobile onto campus also constitutes being at school.

Students leaving school with permission must sign out in the office and upon returning to school must also sign in.  Failure to sign out or sign in will result in disciplinary action.  In addition, after signing out, a student must leave school grounds immediately.

There is no excuse for leaving the school campus without permission.  Leaving the school campus without permission will result in the student or students being assigned to the Alternate Education (AE) room.


90-100  A            80-89  B           70-79  C          60-69  D

Below 60  F

Progress reports are sent at the middle of each quarter.  A report card is issued at the end of each quarter (i.e., every nine weeks).  Semester and final grades will be determined by numerical score (rounded to the nearest whole point).  Final exams will count 10% toward the final grade.  State mandated end-of-course exams (in English II, Biology, US History, and Algebra II) will count 20% toward the final grade.  Fall Open House will also be scheduled so that parents may meet with teachers.


Lockers are provided for each student for a nominal fee.  These lockers are for the student’s use but they remain the property of the school.  Therefore, they should be kept clean and neat for future use.  A student’s locker may be searched at any time by school administrators if there is reasonable suspicion the locker contains materials that are in violation of school rules and district policies; any items located will be confiscated and reported to proper authorities.

The student is encouraged to use his/her locker for storage of school-related materials.  He/she should also determine the most adequate time to visit his locker so as to make the most of its use.

Each student is expected to use only the locker to which he/she is assigned.  Any student who loses a lock will be expected to pay the cost of replacing the lock with another combination lock provided by the school.  Only school-approved locks are acceptable.


  1. Each teacher will take their students out in single file.  Move quickly but orderly and quietly.  There is to be no running.
  1. Have students close all windows and doors.
  2. Teachers should be the last to leave the room.
  3. The first person out should open outside doors.
  4. In case of a blocked door, the front person in line should raise his right hand and turn around; the entire line should do the same thing. They should go orderly out the nearest door.
  5. Be sure to move completely away from the building.
  6. Teachers should be with their students and should check their class roll to be sure that all students have exited the building. Teachers should take their class roll with them for all drills and evacuations.
  7. Return to the building when the bell sounds.
  8. All students should remain in single file throughout the drill.


Awards are presented on Awards Night (Monday, May 7, 2018) for the following:  individual subject, perfect attendance, clubs, vocational department, senior (scholarships from clubs and organizations), and achievement in athletics.  Senior awards for valedictorian and salutatorian will be presented on graduation night.


The athletic program at ECHS is an important part of the overall education program.  All students are encouraged to take advantage of this very exciting aspect of our school.  The athletic department has specific policies and rules of eligibility with which all athletic participants shall comply.

The following must occur to maintain good standing to participate in athletics at ECHS:

  1. Be in good standing in terms of attendance, discipline, and academics. Students not in compliance with these policies are subject to ineligibility.  Students must be on track to graduate.  Also, students are subject to KHSAA weekly eligibility checks, which also govern athletic eligibility from week to week.
  2. Have the following paperwork on file with the school’s athletic office:
  3. Physical examination on KHSAA forms
  4. Parent/guardian permission
  5. Health Insurance
  6. Acknowledgement of KHSAA rules
  7. Extracurricular transportation guidelines
  8. Maintain good sportsmanship at all times (practices and games)
  9. Students that choose to quit a sport may not participate in another sport until the season of the sport they have left is completed. Any student claiming they are “physically unable to perform” to complete their season and want to move to the next sport must appeal via a specific doctor’s statement explaining their circumstances to the principal and athletic director, whose decision is final.

All extracurricular participants should be aware that they represent Edmonson County High School with their character, performance (academically and athletically), sportsmanship, and school attendance.  Any student that does not represent ECHS in a positive manner as a player or spectator will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis by that coach or sponsor and/or school administration.


ECHS offers the following clubs, organizations, and activities (for more information, inquire at the counselor’s office):

Art Club              Skills USA             International Club

Beta Club            Cheerleaders       Math Club

DECA                 FBLA Club              Drama Club

FFA Club            Academic Team   Science Club

Pep Club             SADD Club            Literary Club

Student Government                       FCA


It should be noted that prom participants are limited by age and/or grade level.  All participants must at least be in the 9th grade.  Guests who are 21 years of age, and older are not permitted to attend.  Additional prom guidelines will be covered in the Spring of 2018 when prom tickets are made available.


  1. All students must be enrolled in school eight semesters, unless an exception is granted by the Edmonson County Board of Education.
  1. All 9th grade students must be enrolled in English, Math, Science, Health/P.E. and Social Studies.
  2. All 10th grade students must be enrolled in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies.
  1. All 11th grade students must be enrolled in English, Math, Science, Social Studies.
  1. All 12th grade students must be enrolled in English and Math.
  2. Students taking Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual Credit courses are subject to a weighted GPA, which may enhance their GPA for taking these courses.


All grades of I (incomplete) must meet teacher satisfaction to receive credit.  All work must be completed within 10 school days after the nine weeks ends.  After the specified time interval has passed, the teacher will submit grades for the student to the office.  In addition, students may attend Summer School (only for core classes) to make up grades if they have a 55% or greater average.


For five days following the beginning of each semester, classes may be dropped and added.  Changes requested after the drop/add period must be submitted to ECHS administration for consideration.

Priorities will be given to the following circumstances:  student has not completed the prerequisite for the class; a course is needed to complete a career major, honor status, or pre-college curriculum; a course is needed to complete graduation requirements; a course is needed to remain active in a club or activity; a doctor’s statement prohibits participation in a course.

All other requests will be considered at the end of the three day drop/add period.


A student will be allowed to repeat one course in which they have already received credit.  A written letter stating which course will be repeated must be submitted to the guidance counselors for approval prior to the beginning of the semester during which the class will be repeated.  The letter must include an academic reason for the request.  The grade earned the second time in the course will be the official grade.  The first grade will be erased from the student’s record.

The repeated course must be taken prior to the next level class in that area.  The student must have an average of 79 or below in order to consider repeating the course.


Graduation requirements, pre-college curriculum requirements, and honor graduate requirements are available upon request from the counselors and will be provided to all students at time of registration.



Good discipline is essential for a school to be effective and Edmonson County High School is no exception.  Each and every student at ECHS has the right to a good education.  No student at ECHS has the right to deny this education to fellow students through disruptive behavior.

The philosophy of discipline at ECHS is based upon respect and common courtesy on the part of students, teachers, and the administration alike.  Each student will be treated with dignity and respect as well as fairness.

Every effort will be made to work with students who present behavioral problems detrimental to the health and welfare of ECHS students and to the educational process of the school.  The school will attempt to solve and eliminate this type of behavior through various methods.

The best type of discipline is that which comes from within the individual.  If each student will discipline himself or herself by showing respect and common courtesy to all ECHS citizens, there will be few discipline problems at Edmonson County High School.


The principals have the options as described in the District Code of Conduct for dealing with behavior violations.  The alternatives for discipline management range from student and/or parent conferences to A.E. assignments to suspensions.  The ALC is a longer-term punishment for severe or habitual behavior problems.  Principals may call law enforcement officers when violent acts or threats of violence occur.  Although incidents will be considered on a case-by-case occurrence, the following are general guidelines for A.E. assignments:


  • Out of area during Olweus time
  • kissing/inappropriate displays of affection (more than holding hands)
  • use of foul language in classroom/hallway
  • failure to pay fees
  • failure to turn in money or property from fund raising activities
  • second violation of dress code


  • seven (7), eight (8), or nine (9) unexcused tardies to class  Revised 6/29/18
  • repeated 1 day offenses


  • smoking, dipping, chewing, or possession of tobacco products or E-cigarettes
  • defacing or destroying property (student must remit replacement cost of item)
  • skipping/leaving school without permission or entering the building through unauthorized doors
  • forgery of a note
  • out of class without permission
  • ten (10) unexcused tardies to class Revised 6/29/18
  • indecency (gestures, profanity {when deemed appropriate for severity}, etc.)
  • gambling, pitching coins, etc. (parent conference required)
  • insubordination or disobedience
  • interference with or intimidation of others
  • second unauthorized use of electronic device (cellular phone, Ipod, MP3 player, etc.)
  • improper use of technology


  • indecency (inappropriate touching of self or others, possession of indecent materials, etc.)
  • gross misbehavior in the classroom (verbal, physical, or otherwise)
  • fighting-SRO involvement, suspension, and/or A.E. *Depending upon the severity and/or number of occurrences, and ALC referral can be sent to the board.  Revised 9/6/2016
  • eleven (11) or more unexcused tardies to class Revised 6/29/18
  • possession/misuse of laser lights




In order for students to fully develop and achieve their potential they need to have good attendance at school.  We want our students to develop good work habits and positive attitudes about school and work.  Also, we want our students to develop good school attendance records that will assist them in future job and career opportunities.

All excuses should be turned in to the designated office immediately upon arrival the first school day after the absence occurred.  All make-up work should meet the timelines established by the teacher and should not exceed the end of the grading period.  All unexcused absences shall result in a 0% grade for work missed.

The following circumstances will be considered as justifiable excuses:

  1. Death or severe illness in the pupil’s immediate family as verified by a written statement. (Immediate family shall include mother, father, brother, sister, grandparent, blood-related aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, or anyone living under the same household roof with the student);
  2. Personal illness verified by a doctor’s written statement that the student is unable to attend school
  3. Three (3) days may be excused per semester by parental note(s); also, 3 parent notes will be allowed for tardies each semester. Only tardy notes may be used for tardies; day notes may be used for full and partial-day absences.
  4. Courts summons or subpoenas;
  5. Church attendance as approved in advance by the principal;
  6. Participation in school-related or 4-H activities approved by the principal;
  7. One (1) day for attendance at the Kentucky State Fair (written proof of attendance is required); or
  8. Other valid reasons as determined by the principal (for example, 2 college visits per year will be excused for Seniors (must be pre-approved) – additional visits for seniors and any underclassmen college visits must have prior approval). College visits are prohibited the last two weeks of each semester of the school district calendar.

Attendance policy violations will be dealt with as follows:

3 unexcused absences and/or 3 unexcused tardies    Parents will be contacted.  Students under sixteen (16) years of age will be reported to the Director of Pupil Personnel as being a truant.

6 unexcused absences and/or 6 unexcused tardies    Parents will be contacted and required to conference with school officials.  The Director of Pupil Personnel has the option of filing charges with the Edmonson County Court System.

8 Unexcused Absences and/or 8 unexcused tardies   Parents will be required to hold a second conference with school officials.  This meeting may result in the following actions:

  • Referral to the Edmonson County Court System
  • Referral to the Edmonson County Alternate Learning Center (ALC)
  • Referral to other child service agencies (i.e., LifeSkills, Inc., Youth Service Center, Department of Social Services)
  • Withdrawal from school if the student is 18 years old or older (in accordance with KRS 159.091)
  • Assignment to the Extended School Services Program (ESS)

Also, all participants in extracurricular activities should be aware that they represent our school and community in terms of school attendance.  Any student that does not represent the school in a positive manner will be dealt with by the student’s coach/advisor/sponsor as well as by school administration.  Students that are considered to be “habitual truants” (as defined by KRS 159.150), which is 6 unexcused absences or 6 unexcused tardies, will forfeit their privilege to extracurricular activities, including athletics, field trips, and prom, while they are considered to be a habitual truant.

Students that wish to participate in a field trip or an off school grounds activity are responsible for completing a field trip form that parents must sign giving permission for them to do so.  In addition, six (of seven) of the student’s teachers must sign the form verifying that the student is passing their classes/approved to attend the activity.  Completed field trip permission forms must be turned in at least 24 hours (one school day) in advance of the trip.

School field trips and school productions (e.g., plays, etc.) are prohibited during periods when students are participating in statewide testing (PLAN, ACT, On-Demand, KOSSA, End-of-Course Exams, etc), as well as during the last two weeks of the school year.  During the month of May, field trips (with the exception of clubs/groups in competition) may only be taken on Fridays.  Attendance at school productions will require students to follow the same guidelines as field trips.

This policy shall be applied, without exception, to all students enrolled at Edmonson County High School.  This policy supersedes and takes precedence over any previous policy that may be in conflict.