For FRESHMEN use code: hudq7vb    SOPHOMORES code: 101jfpn

Click on to the interest inventory assignment under your Class ILP

Complete the interest inventory by putting like/hate/love/so so by each category

Once the inventory is complete and you keep hitting NEXT it will take you to a JOB ZONES section

Once you click on job zones and select a particular zone and hit next, then it should list some jobs that FIT YOU.  

At the bottom of that page, hit print, then on the next screen, PRINT will appear at the top center, hit print again.   (If you have a cell phone, take a picture of the jobs list that fit you)

After you have hit print twice, change the destination to google drive.


GO back to the very top of the page and their should be a tab “ILP INTEREST INVENTORY”- click on that tab and then add the file

Hit Google


Find the inventory document


Turn in

Turn in

Click the Class of 2020 ILP where you started today, click on the actual ILP assignment. 

An Excel document should come up, and you will be have a lot of blanks to fill in, name, address etc.

Fill in every blank that you can, but please realize that there will be blanks for 6th grade thru 12th grade, so you will only fill in the blanks for the grade you are currently in.

When it asks for a college you are considering, it will also ask prices—I will send a set of books to help you with that or you can google and find the prices if a book is not available.

For Classes, you will list your 7 classes this year and they should all be one credit each for a total of 7.  You DO NOT HAVE to list last years classes.

The last section, type today’s date, your name, a parent name and for advisor type the teacher that is helping you today or Michael Meredith

Click tab at the top of the page that says ILP—then hit turn in to submit your work—-DONE!