Kentucky College Coach Position Open

AmeriCorps Service/Job Opportunity Information for Host Schools

Position Title: Kentucky College Coach

Location: (High School, City, State)

Duration:  September 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016 (10 months)

Living Allowance/Pay:  $1,210 per month, depending on start date for term of service, in living allowance, less FICA and other applicable taxes

Benefits:  AmeriCorps healthcare and childcare eligibility, education award at the end of contract (approx. $2800), federal student loan forbearance eligibility, professional development, college access, and mentoring training events

Minimum Qualifications:  Bachelor’s degree, excellent communication and organizational skills, mentoring experience


Application Process:

  1. AmeriCorps Application Link:
  2. Required Screening Survey:
  3. Email a professional to Summer Gortney ( and Kristen Hedgebeth ( )


Position Description:

Kentucky College Coaches are AmeriCorps State service members tasked with assisting high school students to think, apply for and get accepted to college.  This will involve doing whole-school activities, as well as one-on-one mentoring with core students from  each grade level (9th-12th grade) designated by the member’s school-site supervisor.  These priority students will be students who 1) will likely get through high school, but who are unlikely to go to college; 2) who would be first-generation college attendees; and/or 3) who are from low-income families.


More Information:

Efforts to reach both the whole-school population and the priority students should be measurable in terms of the following:

  1. Number of priority students assigned to College Coach who continue working with that coach through the entire school year
  2. Number of students graduating from high school
  3. Number of students entering post-secondary institutions.

The College Coach should work to help the school attain the following benchmarks:

  1. Number of students reaching college readiness benchmarks in math and reading as measured by the 10th grade PLAN, and 11th grade ACT.
  2. Number of students applying to college
  3. Number of students completing the FAFSA
  4. Number of students moving from high school and accessing remedial courses during first year of college, where extra assistance is needed.
  5. Number of students who enter college as freshmen and who persist to sophomore standing.

Methods the College Coach will use to carry out the mentoring can include any of the following as deemed appropriate by the school site supervisor:

  1. Working with students on their Individual Learning Plans.
  2. Helping students in Career Planning.
  3. Helping students with time and organizational skills.
  4. Recruiting volunteers within the community to assist with career awareness.
  5. Assist with classroom instruction, in terms of imbedding college planning materials among core content.
  6. Assisting teachers and guidance counselors develop effective tutoring plans for students who need academic assistance; and linking students to volunteers in the community and at local colleges for tutoring.
  7. Talking with students about high school courses and placement testing scores that lead to successful college admission.
  8. Helping students develop financial literacy skills.
  9. Incorporating College Bound curriculum within the site school.
  10. Assisting with family nights, especially as related to college admission.
  11. Home visits, as deemed appropriate by school staff and policy.
  12. Other types of mentoring / interventions based on needs of students and direction of school staff and policy.

The member is to serve in the site in a full-time capacity, generally 35 hours per week between the dates of September 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016.

During the term of service, the member will receive $1,210 per month, depending on start date for term of service, in living allowance, less FICA and other applicable taxes.  Member will also receive health care and child care benefits as needed per AmeriCorps Program guidelines.  Individuals in approved AmeriCorps positions are eligible for forbearance for most federally-guaranteed student loans. If your loan holder tells you that your student loan does not qualify for forbearance based upon your national service, ask if your service qualifies you for some other type of forbearance or for a deferment.

The member will have a 90 day evaluation and an end-of-term evaluation by the site supervisor.  This evaluation will take into account completion of service hours and successful completion of tasks assigned, as determined by the school site supervisor and as agreed upon by Program Staff.  At the end of a successful service term, the member will receive an education award of approximately $2,865.  A minimum of 900 hours is required to receive the Segal Education Award.